Youtube is an American Video-sharing Website which is owned by Google from 2006. Youtube has gone to much popular that every person with some skill and the Internet has a video on Youtube. There are many good niches in which you can make your channel.

Niche is like a category or a topic of something. A Niche can be Cooking, sports, Magic, etc. So, We are going to see 10 top best niches which are very popular on Youtube in 2019. You can even see our other article on Youtube.

Then Our Countdown begins Now!


Vlogging YouTube channel

Vlogging is a type of video in which you personally talk to your views by showing your face and things around you. You can make a Funny Vlog, Travel Vlog, and Entertainment Vlogs. A vlog is a short form of Video Blog. You can have a Text, image, GIF, Graphics, Clips and much more.

There are many popular YouTubers who make their Vlogs and publish them on Youtube. Most watched vlog type is Travelling Vlog. This vlog is very easy to make. Whenever you go somewhere out for a trip you can make your video and tell the audience how is your feeling.

Some of the most popular vloggers are:

  • Logan Paul. 2018 was a “bad” year for handsome and humorous YouTuber Logan Paul. …
  • PewDiePie. Swedish gamer and YouTuber PewDiePie has more than 84 million subscribers on YouTube. …
  • JackSepticEye. …
  • Jeffree Star. …
  • Markiplier. …
  • Vanoss Gaming. …

Product Reviews

Products Reviewing is also one of the most popular niches on Youtube. This is a very easy task the only thing that you need is money to buy products or a way by which you can buy a product and open it in front of viewers.

A YouTuber can give a review on Latest Mobiles, TV shows and Movies, Toys of any type, Food, Brand or a Company, etc. But in our knowledge most viewed videos are related to technology products like mobile, Computers, CPU items like processors, motherboard, Graphic cards, etc.

If you are a kid of less then 12 years then years even then you can make a reviewing youtube channel for Toys. And Women’s especially Housewives can make a food reviewing youtube channel.


There are two types of Fashion videos. One is Fashion News and another one is Fashion designs. Every fashion company has its Youtube channel and has more than millions of Subscribers on Youtube. You can even make your own fashion channel which will become popular all over the world.

Fashion News channels are those news channels who provides all the latest news on Fashion. YouTubers can give news about fashion according to worldwide or even in a local country or a city. You can even tell in Fashion news that who becomes Miss world or Universe of that year.

Now, if you are a designer then what are you waiting for make your first Youtube channel if not yet. Fashion designers show their designs to the world and even by making it. You can even get a chance to work in some company if you have not got a job yet because the companies also find designers from youtube.

How To’s

How To is a popular niche on Youtube which gets millions of views daily. People like engineer’s artist and teachers especially makes this type of channel. To tell peoples how the thing is made or helping them in making of this. Viewers really like to see this type of video.

You can make channels like How to cooking-related, How to make crafts and art items, how to play any game, and much more. Youtubers mostly shows the item that is made with hands. Decoration items making is the most popular going skill in How To’s topic.

There are thousands of channels that are related to How To on Youtube.


food YouTube Channel

Food or Cooking is one of the best Niche you can select for Youtube. Peoples love to see cooking Videos and they don’t see one video related to one thing they love to see many videos to check all the ways to cook that item. This is the best niche for a Housewife or a chef to make some money on Youtube.

Every month thousands of dollars are withdrawn by these Youtubes. You can give the Recipe of any food available for cooking. Mostly peoples make their local food which let them earn lots of money.

You can even start this channel without a big or luxury kitchen. If you don’t like to show your face even then there is no problem. Because mostly youtube doesn’t show their faces in the Video.


Now if you have some kind of skill then this is best for you. Skill like anything like cooking, Programing, Hacking, Making of things and many more. If you are some sort of Subject teacher then you can publish lectures for the students which is a very popular ongoing niche in Tutorials in 2019.

You can post Programming and Hacking videos which are getting very popular nowadays. Every beginner starts with youtube to learn new skills. They get lectures on the internet. So that’s why this is a very good Niche to be chosen by a Skill keeper.


Tech Youtube Chnnel

Yes, it is true that Gaming has become the most seen video in the last couple of years. This is a very easy way to earn money you just need to have a Device and game requirements to play and record games.

You can play many games like GTA V, Horizon 4, Call Of Duty, PUBG, FIFA Soccers Series, Overwatch League, League Of Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, Chess, World Of Tanks, NBA 2K19, WWE 2K19, Rocket League, Final Fantasy XIV, and many more.

There is one more platform where you can post gaming videos. And that is Twitch Gaming made by Amazon Prime. On Youtube, many Youtube channels are made Every day. And now even big Youtubers are making their gaming channels.

Some of the most Popular Gaming Channels are:

  • TheWillyrex. YouTube. Subscribers: 13.3 million. …
  • rezendeevil. YouTube. Subscribers: 15.2 million. …
  • DanTDM. YouTube. Subscribers: 17.8 million. …
  • Jacksepticeye. YouTube. …
  • Markiplier. YouTube. …

Tech Videos

Tech is one of the biggest topics discussed on Youtube and it has derived many new users to this platform because there are many people that use a computer and whenever they encounter any problem.

They just type in google or go to youtube and this topic has really got some great audience to follow and it will increase day by day because the use of technology is increasing day by day that is why it can be a great niche to start with.


Youtube has become one of the most visited by the people in the last few years and many hours of video are uploaded on youtube every day and it also has become a great source to earn online.

So we have discussed with you the best and most searched topics on youtube that you can make a video on and can show the world what you wanted to show. This will help you create a great audience that will later help you to generate a good sum of money.

We will recommend you to make videos on the topic you are interested in because in this way the chance to get success increases by many factors. And you will also love what you are doing and that is what really matters.

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