Gaming is being one of the most valuable and viewed content in Online Video Sharing Networks and Platforms. Peoples play games and then stream their live playing action to the whole world. Do you love playing Games? If yes then surely you are going to earn some money in this Passion.

If you have a question that which type of games can we stream? Then our answer is to choose the game that is being likely to watch more or which have more positive reviews on that platform. But eventually, you can play any game that you like.

Some of the Games that are being popular in first quarter of 2019 are GTA V, Horizon 4, Call Of Duty, PUBG, FIFA Soccer Series, Overwatch League, League Of Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, Chess, World Of Tanks, NBA 2K19, WWE 2K19, Rocket League, Final Fantasy XIV, and many more.

And if you have wanted to know how Streamers earn money then we tell you in short that some platforms allow you to show ads inside your video. Many let viewers donate money to the streamer and By showing products of the company which buys sponsorships from you. And in many other ways.

In this article, we are going to see which are the best and most popular platforms on which you can stream your games and earn money.

Youtube Gaming

YouTube ~ Live Gaming is an American Video-Sharing website developed by three retired employees of Paypal Inc. in February of 2005. But one year later the Google Company bought Youtube Website and add it to one of their big projects. Youtube allows users to watch and upload videos, like/unlike them, comment thoughts, share, report or subscribe to videos uploaders.

Users can upload or watch Video clips, TV shows, Short films, Music Videos, Movie Trailers, Live streaming and much more. YouTubers can even upload Video Blogs, Tutorials, Educational Materials, Product Reviews, and Gaming Videos. If you want to know some of the best ongoing categories on which you can upload videos then see our one of the article given below.

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Youtube is best or we see #1 place where you can do a live stream of your game. There are no limitations regarding languages. You can speak English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, Urdu or any other you speak. Youtube is the best place for Asians or Americans countries to earn money and get a reputation because millions of minutes are watched on Youtube every day from both these states.

Game streamers and recorders earn money in many ways. Youtubers mainly earn money by Adsense the biggest subsidiaries of Google which pay publishers by showing ads on their products. They have some Policies which are mandatory to be followed by which we get or proposal excepted and show ads on our videos. But one policy is must and that is 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour on channels.

Youtube Gaming

Streamers also earn while doing a live chat with their viewer’s. Because viewers donate money to the streamers to support them and they continue to stream. Like most Indian viewers pay youtube streamers with Paytm and Ameican citizens pay with Paypal or Payoneer. Gamers can even get donations of cryptocurrency in the wallet like Blockchain or Coinbase.

Biggest Game steamers on Youtube are:

So, Youtube Gaming website is the best and #1 opinion for you to do live streaming of your game. Click the above link to go to the Youtube Gaming official website and see how other streamers are working with Youtube to earn money.


Twitch Live Gaming is a Live Game streaming Platform developed in 2011 by But later in 2014, this service was taken by Amazon. And now it is being one of the subsidiaries of Amazon. In the early times, it was mainly used for Live game streaming, broadcasting of esports competitions, Music Broadcast and Creative Content.

But after this service was acquired by Amazon the Twitch was mainly been used for live game streaming. and since 2014 it has gain 1000+ employers and more than 1.5 million+ streamers and 100 million+ viewers. In 2016 Twitch became the #4 most visited website in whole United State.

Twitch is a very good platform and has a very high net worth. You can use some of the best software like OBS, XSplit, Youtube Live for mobiles, Wirecast, and Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. In our opinion, OBS known as Open Broadcaster Software is a #1 software to do a live stream for any of the platforms which you are going to use.

There are many ways to earn money on Twitch. The best method to make money is when the user subscribes to the channel for 4.99$/ month. This way of making money is very fast and effective. Because every viewer wants to know when their favorite streamer will go Live.

You can even earn by the donation given by the Viewers. mainly in twitch the viewers get bits as a donation. 100 bits price of 1.40$ and 25,00 Bits price of 380 $. You can even earn with the sponsorships by showing in videos or the under live video widgets.

Popular On Twitch Are:

So Twitch is the second platform you should use for your streaming. In our opinion, you should use both if you are a full-time streamer.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is one of the fastest-growing free social networking services used by millions of peoples all over the world. It allows registered user to create profiles and exchange messages, photos, videos and links with other users. It helps users stay updated with what is happening around the world.

Facebook provides a platform by which users can create groups and pages based on their common interest and share views and ideas. Now with this growing users, Facebook is adding new features every day. One of the features that are available is Live streaming. Since this feature has come to facebook it has got many new aspects.

Peoples and business show their live content to the users. Like presentations, dramas, news, Games, etc. Yes, that is true you can even do live streaming of games on Facebook. In our opinion, this is the best platform because it is the world number #3 ongoing website in the whole world.

You can earn money through your streaming of games. There are some most popular ways through which you can earn money on Facebook. The best way is by Facebook ads which are shown in the video while doing Live streaming.

You can even earn when viewers donate for your stream into your PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill, etc. And even by doing Affiliate marketing. Some of the recommended steamers on Facebook are:

Now the choice is Yours. which one do you feel more comfortable for you and more effective or you want to start your gaming on all of these Platforms.

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