Top 5 Free SEO Tools to Rank First On Google

Top 5 Free SEO Tools to Rank First On Google
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Well! know days there are millions and millions of blogs and websites on the internet but have you noticed that Google only shows 10 results from about more 1 million on the first page why is that why these sites are showed on the first page.

Here SEO comes in the scene and plays a vital role first let’s discuss What is SEO then we will move to our next point that will be SEO Tools

What Is SEO

what is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization it has a very vital role in ranking sites on Search Engine’s in simple the ranking you see on google or any other search engine is due to SEO optimization.

Actually, the site you see on the first page is because they have more SEO score than other sites on the same keyword.

and that is why they get more traffic than other sites that are ranked below. Well, SEO depends on many factors some of them are listed below.

  1. Title
  2. Backlinks
  3. Readability of Article
  4. Keyword density and use
  5. Image ALT (attribute)
  6. outbound and inbound links
  7. Meta Description
  8. Text Length

These are some of the factors that you can use to improve your site ranking and let’s start the main topic best SEO tools that you can use to boost your rankings and can improve your search appearance.

let’s start our countdown.

Google Search Console

if you want to tell Google that you have created a site and want to index it to Google than you can use a tool that is created by Google for developer’s to submit their site.

it can be very helpful in indexing your site to Google and getting traffic from organic search and want to increase the authority of your site.

you can also use Google search console to submit your sitemap and it also has many more feature’s like you can check how many time your site has appeared in Google searches.

and how many times the users have clicked on your site and can also show you on which keyword phrase your site has appeared on the specific phrase.

it can also show you which country you are getting traffic from and what is your site CTR ( click-through-Rate).

you can also check whether your site is responsive with the Mobile version or not and you can also check which sites are linking to your what article.

Google Search Console-SEO TOOLS
Google Search Console


The second Tool that you can use to improve your site ranking and SEO is ubersuggust. it is owned by Neil Patel it is a very useful tool and its all features are free to use it can help you up to a great extent.

just put up the domain name in the search box and you will get all the information related to it like how much traffic this website is getting.

what pages are driving traffic to their site you can also check on how many keywords the site is ranking organically.

How much the website is getting traffic organically You can also change the location from USA to India etc.

You can also do the keyword research and can know how difficult it is to rank on the specific keyword. 

And it is totally free service that you can use for getting more traffic to your site and one of the best SEO Tools.

Ubersuggust-SEO Tools


One of the best tools that I personally use is Seobility it is a very helpful tool you can use these tools to check on page SEO score.

You can even crawl your whole website in just few minute’s and tell you any error present in your website.

It is a totally free tool and can be upgraded to the pro version but I will recommend you to not to buy the pro version free services are good enough.

some of its feature’s include like Back link checker, keyword tool and many more.

In simple it can be used to find the SEO score of your post and can point out your mistakes and then you can correct them.

Which increases the health and uniqueness of your content and it will be easy for your readers to understand your text.

Seobility-Seo Tools

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Google Keyword Planner

Keywords have great importance In the field of SEO because it tells search engine bots that on what topic your article is focusing on.

so they can rank you on the specific keywords it also makes your article look more intensive and user-friendly.

there are many keyword planners in the market but the best and most accurate is Google keyword planner.

Google keyword planner has many features like it can tell how many searches are made on a specific/particular keyword.


As you can see in above picture you just have to enter the keyword and then Google keyword planner will show you whole information regarding that specific keyword.

You can also choose high-CPC keywords and if you are using Ad-sense it can help you generate a higher revenue than ever before.

Google Page insights

This is a tool that might be used by all of us it is created by Google after the Google hummingbird update many sites lost their rankings and audience both.

This was due to their Load time if the site was loading slowly then it was removed from the top rankings and was replaced by the site’s that take less time to load.

You can use this tool to check the speed of your site and if will also show you issue’s that are slowing down your website.

You can determine the importance of speed by this quote.

” We Loss 1% of our revenue if our site loads 2 sec late “

So you can determine the importance of speed in SEO because if your site will load slowly many users will just click and will go back that will also increase bounce back rate of your site and you site will not have a good impression in eye’s of Google.

Google Page insight
Google Page insight


These are the most useful free tools that you can use to boost the seo of your site for free and you will see the positive result very soon.

Because there are many companies that charge thousands of bucks to help you do SEO of your site and many of you might not be able to afford it.

So we have given you the list of best free SEO tools that you can use and these tools are used by topmost website’s.

There are many free seo tools available but not every tool is reliable and trust able but we have given you the list of tools that we personally use for our site.

And most of these free tools are made by companies like Google and there is no need to introduce Google to you.

so you can easily trust these tools.

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