Web hosting is an important part of taking your site to the next level and making available to the whole world. you will not be able to do what you want to do. First, we will cover what is web hosting then we will go further in detail.

so make sure you read the whole article because we will be sharing some important, Amazing and interesting information with you.

What is Web-Hosting

It is a place where all of your Website/ blog information and content is stored. and when some else open’s your site the file is taken from the place and showed to the visitor.

Difficult! I will explain in simple words so let’s start a hosting is a place like your CPU where all of your site information is stored just like your information is stored in your CPU.

In web-hosting service a company provides you a space in their huge server where you can store your site information and content and in return, they charge you for that service.

Types of hosting

There are three types of Web-Hosting that are shortly defined below.

  1. Shared-Hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated-server Hosting

Now let’s define all of the above steps by step.

In shared hosting your site file’s are stored with other person’s site file that has bought the same service from the same service provider.

it is the cheapest hosting service available in the whole market. if you are beginner then you should start with shared hosting. but the negative side of this hosting is that the site loads slowly as other site files are also stored on the same server.

And sometimes your site can also go down due to great traffic on the site that is stored on the same service but it’s a still good choice.

So now moving to the next type.


VPS hosting is the second type of hosting in our list in this type of hosting your file is stored in a Part of a server and only your site is stored there.

which improves your site’s performance up to a good extent and also speed-up your site which is a key factor in ranking after Google’s Hummingbird update.

It is a little bit expensive than shared hosting and can handle up to 100,000 visitors per day.


It is the most expensive hosting in this hosting a whole server is given to a single site so that it can handle huge traffic without going down.

Most famous and E-commerce websites uses this type of hosting. Now we have discussed hosting briefly now let’s move to the next point.

Types of Services

There are two types of Companies on Providing these services that are.

so let’s start defining these two and then we will define Pron and cons briefly.


The company that provides your hosting for free then this hosting service is known as Free-Hosting. you can easily host any website on their servers some of the companies that are providing these services are.one of the most renowned free hosting company is Profreehost.


It is hosting service provided by the company but in return, they charge you on a monthly basis some of the best and renowned web-hosting companies are HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.

Now we have discussed what is web hosting and its types Now the main part arrives because we will be discussing Pron and Cons of free and paid hosting.

Pron And Cones


The first thing is experience if you are a beginner then you must start with free hosting .because here you can do any type of experiment without spending a penny and when you have learned a good amount of knowledge.

And you think now I am ready then you can move to the next point without any restrictions and can put all that you have learned into something special.

so this will save your time and money both so keep this thing in mind.


In Paid hosting, you enjoy all the premium feature’s but in free hosting, you are restricted to some options. because in paid hosting you have to pay and where you invest is always better than free.


In free hosting, there is no guarantee of your website the site owner can delete your account any time they want. and all of your hard work will be ruined.but in Paid hosting your account will never be closed.

in free hosting, your site load’s very slowly because many sites are hosted on the same server that causes it to give a low performance.

If our site load’s 1 sec slow we lose 1% of our revenue.


but that’s not the scenario in Paid hosting because they have set a number of a maximum amount of site’s on same server’s.

and if some site is exceeding the limit or causing the server to load slowly the service provider gives the site owner warning keeping in mind the service of the other customer’s.


One of the important element of a website or blog is security because in every minute many website’s are hacked and Google is blocking more than 200,000 website’s daily on the basis of malware and viruses.

so to keep your site safe you need to take some non-common steps in order to make your site safe enough to use.

and the best step is choosing a good hosting provider because in free hosting no check is created for malware and viruses scan.

but in Paid hosting, they check every hour for malware and other viruses check-in website stored on their server.because to protect other’s site stored on the same server.


In free hosting extensive ads are shown to your visitor’s without your permission and that irritates them and can lead to less traffic and low customer’s that lead to low revenue.

because ads are the only source of income through which free hosting service’s companies earn revenue.

but in Paid-hosting it’s just the opposite no ads are shown the service provider make sure that the user gets a quality service and return to the site in future.

Is Free Website Hosting a Good Choice for you?

For a few categories of people interested in building websites, everything on that list may sound like a nice-to-have rather than a necessity. If you’re just building a website for fun or to share information with friends and family, and you never intend it to be more than that, there’s a chance that free web hosting will serve you fine.
However, in reality, that only describes a small number of people.
For everyone else—businesses, online stores, bloggers, anyone hoping to make money off their site someday, and people who just want their website to have room to grow—a paid web hosting plan is the better choice.

Paid Web Hosting Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

We have good news though! Just because you’re better off paying something for web hosting, doesn’t mean it has to be a lot. Paid hosting plans start at around $3 a month. If your website will be fairly simple and you just want something that looks good, has basic security, and will work consistently, then an affordable shared hosting plan should do the trick.


We have discussed with you what is web-hosting and it’s types and the difference b/w paid and free hosting and their Pron and cones.

well, both free hosting and paid hosting have advantages. but in summarizing all the article the result will be that if you are just starting out then you should start with free hosting and then when you have learned all then you can move on.

if you still have question’s then feel free to ask us in the comment we will feel immense pleasure to give your problem’s solution.

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