How Can You Make Money With Facebook In 2019?

How Can You Make Money With Facebook In 2019?

As we all know that Facebook is the world leading social media platform which is being used by every normal person present on the Earth. Facebook has made the world a global village in which people share their images, do text and video messages with each other, play games, make money and much more.

It is a big fact that Facebook has more login users than it has vehicles on the road and planes in the sky. And due to this fact, many peoples and business are trying to earn money with Facebook. But it is very hard to be on the top in this leading platform.

Question: Who can make money from facebook?

Anyone who is willing to do Hard work and be steadfast in your work. The first main objective is your profile which makes your first impression in front of the user. Because Facebook has many fake and scam profile which has lead the peoples to leave Facebook and choose some other better social media like Instagram. So, always create a legit profile for this purpose.

Questions: What things you can sell on the Facebook?

You can sell anything to the world by using Facebook some as Cars, Ebooks, Furniture, Clothes And Shoes, Second-hand good and much more. But there are some things which are not legit on facebook to be sold. like Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling items, animals and some more thing. So, use legit ways to earn money cuz! that’s good for you and for others.

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These are the some ways by which you can earn money through Facebook:

Writing A Post

If you are a good writer and caught the attention of the user then this is for you. Write a post for selling products you can add Text, Image, and Video to make it beautiful and informative. And a link of the product or service you are selling.

You can do the affiliate marketing of other websites like Amazon, Bluehost, etc. And you can earn lots of money from this process. A company can even sell their products with an effective looking post. You earn money when a user read a product link and then the user clicks on it after that he makes a purchase then you get money.

Post Writing is available on every social media available on the internet. Because social media is a place where users write and post their images and videos, etc. You can even make a page of your company on Facebook to specify the business where you put full information about that business.

Facebook Videos

make money on facebook videos

This Video feature on facebook is very common on Facebook. But now youtube has given a new feature of Video monetization for publishers who promote video content like Youtube. This video monetization is only eligible for page videos. User can not monetize videos in profile or a Group.

Your video must be three minutes long to show ads on it. The more your video is viewed the more publisher will earn. Now peoples like Youtubers are also choosing Facebook alongside to earn some extra revenue.

A cooking chef can make a cooking video and upload it on youtube and Facebook. Gamers who do a live stream on Youtube and Twitch can also do on facebook now. If you are a tutor and have some specialty in something then you can make educational videos.

Sell You Services On Facebook

Yeh, it’s true, If you have a specialty in something then you can earn money by doing it for other people. If you are a Freelancer then you can even promote your profile on Facebook and also your Gigs. Skills mostly are known related to computer related like Web Designing, Blogging, Graphics Designing ad content Writing, etc.

Creating A Facebook Ads

Facebook for Company is a page that allows you to create a page with which you can share posts with your page followers similar to writing posts on your timeline. They have a mailing list and you can regularly send messages to your followers if you want.

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