Yes, it is true that we can surely earn money from Freelance Marketplaces. Freelancers find jobs on Freelance marketplaces and send proposals to their clients who post that required job. There are two types of Freelance Marketplace the first one is “Traditional” and the other one is “Non-Traditional” Marketplace where freelancers work.

We will see these more types further in this Article. Freelancers can earn money only if they have any specialized skill which is available on that Marketplace. To want to know more about Freelance Marketplaces and skills see the related post given below.

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Freelancers earn more than thousands of dollars as a Freelancer. According to our information, most earned freelancer was 100 k+ on Upwork and 3 M+ on Guru. Now let’s see how can you earn.

Charge Per Hour – Earn Money

earn money charge per hour

People charge money on the hourly rate as a freelancer. If you charge 10/$ per hour and you work for 7/days mean 168/hours then you will be paid 1680/$ for your completed work. This is a very good way to earn lots of money but this cannot be very good for your services.

Because many Clients are not going to spend much amount of money from their budget. And may you get a chance of getting very low an amount of orders or orders which are not much time-consuming. Clients mostly like to spend a small amount of money for their projects.

So, You should mainly not consider an Hourly rate for your Income but you can try the next step which is good, as well as effective and eye, catching too. This is the only wok in Traditional marketplaces.

Net Worth – Earn Money

In the Net worth feature you can tell your client the amount you will be paid after the completion of the Work. This is very good way to earn money. Like you have 340/$ Worth of your service and you work for only 3/hours even then you will be paid 340/$ for your work.

In our opinion this is very good way to earn money rather than giving hourly rates. This feature is unavailable in Traditional Marketplaces. So, being a Freelancer you must need to choose a this feature of earning.

Making a Gig On Fiverr

Since the Fiverr has launched it has changed the work of freelancing. Fiverr has changed the idea of Per Hour income or Net worth. It has given an idea of the Gig. Yes, it is true Fiverr has announced a Gig like a feature through which Freelancer earn money.

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In Fiverr people makes a Gig with the following steps:

  • Writing A Title of your Gig.
  • Selecting your service type that you are going to provide.
  • Afterward, you will write five tags related to your gig.
  • Give a price to your gig and add extra services with your gig. You can even provide Three offers to the client to choose from.
  • Write a Description And some important FAQ related to your Gig.
  • Write the requirements you want from the client like business name, etc.
  • And in the End, add some gallery related to the Gig.
  • And then Publish

You can use this service on Non-Traditional Market place which is known as Fiverr.


So, As The beginner in freelancing you should choose the Fiverr for your First order. rather then trying for other market places available for you on the internet.

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