Do you want to make an online store through WordPress? Well, we know that it seems a little tough if you are a newbie and not have much knowledge about WordPress. So after discovering this problem, we decided to make a detailed guide on “How to Develop Your Own E-commerce Store And Start making Money In 2019” (step-by-step).

What Are Required Accessories For Starting An Online Store?

There is no better time to start your own online Store in this 5th Generation of Industries. Anyone, who has a computer can start his/her store in a couple of minutes without having any kind of skill level in this field.

Before starting an Online Store, you just need to have three things which are:

  1. A domain name (this will be your name of the store i.e
  2. Website Hosting Account (Where you will store your website data)
  3. In the last, you should have time and products to manage this store.

Yeh, we know that it is really simple and easy.

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You can make your own store in less than 30 minutes. And we will walk through each step of this process.

In this topic we are mainly going to cover:

Are you ready to make an online store? then let gets started.

Step 1: Register A Domain Name For Online Store

Domain Name Registration For Online Stoe
Domain names

In the start, the biggest problem is that people don’t choose the right platform for their Online Store.

But, thankfully that you are in the right place to learn the development of an online store. There are two types of platforms where you can make your store: Shopify and WordPress + Woocommerce.

Shopify is fully made for eCommerce stores. It starts with 29$/month and in our opinion, it is an hassle-free solution where you just log in and start selling. But, it gets quite expensive for small businesses, and your payment is also limited until you pay them extra fees, which are the biggest cons for the newbie.

So, that’s why most of the users select WordPress + Woocommerce because of the flexibility and ease it offers. Woocommerce is the wold largest Online Selling Platform, it even doesn’t require much setup to start a store. But, Woocommerce has some add-ons which you have to purchase to increase your website efficiency.

Now let’s get back to the tutorial and register our first domain:

The domain name is the most important part of your website. It is mainly the name of your website. Which users types in the address bar to get to your website (like,,,

There are many companies like Godaddy.Inc, Bluehost, HostGator,, etc which provides us the best rates for domains. Our website “” is registered on Mostly the rates for domains on HostGator are:

  1. .com – 12.95 $/Year
  2. .net – 12.95 $/Year
  3. .club – 9.95 $/Year

We basically recommend you to use “.com” or “.net” for your company website because it is the most known and used domain on the internet. Tell us which domain name are you going to use for your online store in the comments so that we can check your creativity of thinking.

This was your first step and if you have completed this task. So, “CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSS”

Step 2: Buy A Hosting For Website

Web hosting for online Store

Hosting is known as a house of website. This is the place where the website data is stored. We can access this data through the Control Panel of that server. We can even transform over System Unit into a host server of your own website.

There are many websites that provide us with hosting services. some of like Godaddy.LLC, Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, etc. But our suggestion is to use the HostGator because it is more reliable than any of the other hosting provider.

Web hosting from host gator

HostGator is an official partner as a referral program. If you signup with the link on the left you will be provided a very big discount on your hosting and as well as domain. This is very helpful for your business if you start it with our referral link cause it will save a lot of your financial issues for the future

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Web hosting plans

It is very simple to register your hosting on HostGator. only follow the give some steps which will help you do this very easy task into a more super easy way.

  • First, Click the ad posted above related to the HostGator.
  • And a link will open which show you a landing page, you have to just click Get Started button to go to the registration page.
  • Under that button, you can even see other offers like Website Builder, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. You can even select one of these offers to start your Business.
  • After the registration page appears you will see Hosting plans like Hatching Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. From which you have to select one of the plan to continue. All of these plans have 60% OFF if you use our referral link to register.
  • In our opinion, you must start from the hatching Plan if you are starting a new business. but if you already have a business and wants to grow it more then we recommend you to Use Business plan.
  • + you will a free domain name with each hosting plan.
Registration process
  • After selecting your plan you will be asked to select your domain or enter your own domain if you have bought any other earlier ones.
  • And then you will be said to fill some of the fields like Email, Name, Password, And some Payment Details.
  • After all of the steps, just press Checkout Now! and everything has done!. Well, this was our second step to our Online Store.

Step 3: Get Your SSL Certificate For Online Store

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate for online store
SSL Certificate

Now the SSL certificate is required too mostly if you are building an online store. SSL certificate shows a lock sign on the left side of your browser address bar. This lock sign is used to ensure the buyers or the visitors that the site is fully secure to provide credit card or payment information for the product.

SSL certificate is also a paid product but there are some of the hosting websites that provide a free SSL certificate for the first year. And every website that provides domain and hosting do also provides an SSL certificate. but the websites that provide the best free SSL certificates are Godaddy.LLC, HostGator, BlueHost, etc.

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Even if you join with our referral link you will provide a free SSL certificate for your domain. With our link, your hosting package includes a free SSL certificate that provides security for your website domains and subdomains by encrypting communications between the server and visitors.

To your website and flags, your site secure by displaying a padlock icon in your address bar uses strong 2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256-bit encryption of customer data along with 99.9% browser recognition.

You can even see in the one of the above picture “Hosting Plan”.in which you can see an extension of Free SSL certificate with our referral link.

Step 4: Install Your WordPress On Your Hosting

Installing WordPress Platform in hosting account
Installing WordPress
  • After all of these steps, you will come back to your hosting panel.
  • After that scroll down in that Cpanel and you will see a softaculous Software part, click on it.
  • You will be led to another website of softaculous where you will see lots of software which you can install on your hosting. But to make the online store the best recommendation will be WordPress.

Note: Softaculous is a commercial script library that automates the installation of commercial and open-source web applications to a Hosting.

  • Click on install WordPress you will see a form on which you will provide all the information about your website like domain name, Slogan, Themes, description, database name, and most importantly your username and password which you will be required to login inside the WordPress.
  • After all these steps click submits to start the installation.
  • The Installation process will take almost just a couple of minutes and after the installation, your website address and WordPress address will be displayed which you have to compy into some notebook so that you never forget them.

Now you have arrived into your WordPress Dashboard. To change setting go to settings in the left sidebar. The main thing you need to change is general Setting related to your Website and to add your SSL certificate you will need to add the address of your website in the general settings.

Step 5: Install The Woocommerce Plugin

Woo commerce Plugin for online Store
Woocommerce Plugin

Woocommerce is one of the most popular plugin that is available for WordPress. Woocommerce is an online commerce plugin that can be used to make an online store, edit it and then add products of your store to get sell. Woocommerce can let you integrate any addon like Paypal payments, Skrill Payments, Analytics, and much more.

It can help you manage your products, orders that are sent to your stores and Coupons or Deals for your products.

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Now its time to start installing this plugin:

  • First, go to your WordPress dashboard there you will see a plugin button in the left sidebar just click on it.
  • Now you will see some three dropdown menus select “Add New” to add plugins in your websites.
  • After going to add new plugin page you will see some the featured plugins and a search bar
  • Now search the “Woocommerce” plugin after the results appear to click the “Install” button to start installing your plugin. This will take some seconds to complete the installation process.
  • After the completion select “Activate” to activate your plugin on the website.
  • This will take you to a dashboard page.

But before you start selling there is some information like Payment, Currency, And Shipping Information that you need to enter into your website database. But the Woocommerce plugin has made it much much easier for a user to integrate.

Now you will be seeing a “Welcome to WordPress” notification on your website admin pages. Click on the “Run Setup Wizard” on the notification panel.

This will lead you to the Woocommerce introduction page, you have to just click “let’s go” button to start the setup of your Woocommerce plugin.

Now you will be asked to make some pages like Cart, Shop, Checkout, and My account, just let it go and click continue and then the plugin will automatically make these pages for your Online Store.

Now you will get to another page.

This time you need to tell him the location of your business, currency in which you want to sell your products like Dollar, and the weight unit which you will use to measure the weight of the products which you are selling on your Online Store.

After putting all these pieces of information just click continue to go to the next step.

In this step, you have to fill all the information about the Tax and shipping rates of your country. Now Woocommerce let the business sell both the physical as well as digital good on the Online Store.

In this step, you will get two options. If you are selling Physical products and willing to ship than check the first box otherwise left that one.

And if you have some selling tax that you have to add to your products that check that second option otherwise left it to. And click continue to go to the next step.

Next, you will be asked to select the payment method like Paypal or Stripe and enter your account Gmail to get all the payments from the users. Click continue.

Now the Woocommerce will automatically create your store. Just click “Return To The Dashboard” link to just exit the setup wizard.

Now you are ready to add your products on the website.

Step 6: Add Products On Online Store

Woocommerce Cart Option

This is the best part of your online store. I hope you will be waiting all along for adding your products and start making some money online. And Woocommerce has made it much easier for its user to add products.

After completing step 5 you will come to the dashboard. Now you will see a new feature in left sidebar which can be named as “Products” you just have to click it. After clicking you will some of the dropdown menu buttons like Add Products, Categories, etc.

Now, these are some information that you have to use while writing the Product Information:

  1. Product Title
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Category
  4. Price
  5. Shipping
  6. And Gallery
Adding Product in online Store
Process Of Adding Product

Nw click “Add Product” to start making your first product. This will open a new page like a notepad where you have to put all the Information.

First, Add the Product Title (This will be the name of your product like Huawei Y9 Prime). The title is the most important SEO part of your product. So please choose the title with lot’s of care so that your product can be found on the first page of search engine search.

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After that, you will see a short notepad where you have to write a full description of your product including specs, functions, etc. You can even use the first sentences of this description as your meta description in the search page of the browser.

Now its time to select the category of your product (like Tshirt, Shoes, Mobiles, Electronics, etc). But if you haven’t made any category then no need to worry. You will see an “Add New Category” button under the category selecting box. There you have to just write the name of your category and the slug name (this is the name shown in the search bar). And a short description and after that all set.

Now come back to the main page and select the category.

Scroll down and you will see some options like Price, Tax rates, Shipping, Inventory, Linked Products. The only things which are important for you to fill are Price and Shipping.

In price, you have to tell your buyer about the regular price and the sale price of your product. And in shipping, you have to tell all the information about shipping rates.

And in the last, you just have to add the image of your product or an image gallery. Please be cautious if you are using a simple plan of hosting on any platform you have to decrease the size of your images this may cause the slow speed of your website.

Congratulation you have completed your fist products and click publish and all done. see your first product to see its beauty made by your hands. You can repeat this process to create more products.

All the process of Woocommerce has been completed.

Step 7: Selection And Customizing Your Theme

Themes for online Store
Astra Theme

Themes are the best way to be recognized and be attractive in the eyes of the viewer. this is the list of some of the best WordPress themes which you can use in your online store.

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Astra: In our list the best theme is Astra. Astra is a clean and fully customizable theme available on WordPress for free. This is the best theme to make an eyecatching homepage of your website in a fully modern way. Astra has all the features that are available for an online store.

Extra By Elegant Themes: The best second theme that is available for WordPress is Extra which is developed by Elegant themes. Extra has fully made for Online stores. You can easily change the layout of your store. This theme is fully powered by Divi which is one of the best Drag and Drop page builder theme.

Shoppe: Shoppe is a fully Woocommerce customizable theme made for an online store like Fashion, lifestyle, etc. This theme contains a search box, wishlist page, ajax cart page, quick look lightbox, Product image zoom, and more.

Loge: Løge is one of the best Woocommerce themes with modern design and powerful eCommerce features. It allows several shop home layouts, movable product columns, and goods filters. It’s beautiful color selection make it more eyecatching and popout.

Ultra: Ultra is an all-purpose WordPress theme read-made with all the functions and features. Which you can install with just one click in theme. You just have to change the content. It also has a Drag and Drop feature to change the layout of the page.

This is a list of some of the best themes.

To customize your themes you need to go to the WordPress Dashboard. Now you will see Appearance button in the left sidebar just click on it. Now you will some of the new drop-down menu. And click customize to go directly to the customize page.

How to Customize your theme?

For the process of customization you have to do the following task:

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard.
  • You will see an Appearance tab on the left sidebar.
  • Just click on it and some drop-down menus will appear.
  • Select Customize to customize your theme

Step 8: How To Grow Your Online Store?

Grow Your Online Store
Grow Your Store

The best way to Grow your online store is by Plugins or by sharing your store and products on social media. Both the ways are the best in the way of WordPress. We will show you some of the best plugins and social media websites where you can promote your online store.

Some of the Plugins that we recommend are:

  1. WPForms: This a best plugin which will help you make Form in a very easy way. You can make Contact Form, Registration Form, Payment Infomation Forms, or Email Subscription Form. You can get this for free on WordPress but it will have some limitations for a developer until they buy the full version of WPForm.
  2. Optin Monster: This is also the best plugin. This plugin is very useful if you have to send emails to your subscribers in a very effective way. You can design and control all of your Emails at just one place.
  3. Veeqo: Veeqo is used by fast-growing omnichannel retail brands, helping them sell and ship everywhere. It takes control of your Inventory, Orders, and Shipping.
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. MemberPress
  6. MonsterInsigts
  7. SEMRush
  8. Envira Gallery

You can get these all plugins for free on WordPress.


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