Today we are gonna discuss the top 5 Chrome extensions for bloggers. Well, extensions are one of the essential parts in becoming a successful blogger. Because this will help them work more effectively.

There are many extensions available on the Chrome web store but we are gonna discuss the best ones. That are available and that are useful for bloggers. These are free extensions and can be upgraded to the premium version.

So let’s start our countdown.

Grammarly For Chrome

Grammarly Chrome extension
Grammarly Extension

This is one of the best extensions available on the Chrome web store. Grammarly helps you to write content mistakes free it is one of my favorites extensions available on Chrome store.

It helps you to find your grammatical mistakes in your content and makes your content unique and of high quality. It also makes your content attractive to your readers it has a free version. But you can also upgrade to the premium version to get maximum from this extension.

It has been used worldwide and now it has more than 10 million users. It can help the content writers up to a very much extent if you are a student. Then you can write your essays for school assessments using this extension. This will help you complete your work without a spelling mistake.

Idm (Internet Download Manager)

The second extension nowadays is IDM it one of the best extension available on the Chrome store.

It helps you to download videos file documents from any of the websites. This extension is not available on the Chrome store. You need to download IDM from Google Chrome first and then you can add the extension manually to your browser.

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 you can download videos like movies Dramas music from YouTube it is a totally free tool but it asks you to register and buy it but you can also use it for free it has very high downloading speed and can manage your documents files very easily in a secure folder.

IDM can help bloggers to download the content of their website using this easy process you can also download different types of the theme you can also download different type of extension using IDM it just reduces your work up to a great extent.

Keyword tool On Chrome

The next extension in our list is keyword tool it helps you to find specific keywords for your website and it also tells you how many searches are made specifically on this keyword it also shows you related keywords to the keyword that you have entered into the search bar it is a free tool and available on Chrome web store.

It can help you in doing your site SEO it will also help you find the perfect keyword for your content for a blog post to beat out your competitors and to rank first on Google page.

It has more than 1 million downloads it is used by many professional bloggers like Neil Patel , Harsh Agarwal and it is one of the most recommended extensions for bloggers in 2019.

Semrush Writing Assistant For Chrome

Semrush chrome extension

The next tool in our list is semrush writing assistant you know semrush is one of the biggest websites in doing SEO of your contains many features like as you checker backlink creator competitor checker keyword, the checker in its website.

but its extension only contains tools that will help you to write a better content it will point out your mistakes like how many words you need at least where you need to put heading where the specific keyword is required where you need to build a link.

where there is a broken link ok it will help you find all these things in only one extension but it’s not available on Google Chrome store this will be available on semrush official websites and you can add this to your Google Docs account. And then back on the add on options on your Google Docs account, you can use this extension.

Similar site

the next extension available on a list as a similar site it is a free extension available on Google Chrome store.

it helps you to find site similar to a specific site like Yahoo Mail is similar to Gmail like this and it also helps you to analyze how much typing this website is getting and where the servers of this website are located.

It is a good tool for new bloggers to analyze their competitor’s traffic it will help them to boost their SEO skills.


These are the top five extensions available for bloggers. That they can use a tour and their website on Google’s first page. And to get better results it will help them in their blogging journey.

It makes their work much easier and effective and the topmost thing. These extensions are free to use especially for the new bloggers that are very low on budget

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