Top 8 WordPress Plugins You Should Use In 2019

Top 8 WordPress Plugins You Should Use In 2019
wordpress plugins 2019

well, WordPress is the biggest blogging platform about 33% of the world’s site are hosted on WordPress that’s a huge amount what makes WordPress very handy and easy to use is its plugins.

there are more than 50,000 of plugins available in WordPress for the user to easily add features to their site.

Best Plugins

there are many plugin’s available for the user’s to easily customize their site but there are some plugins needed or used by almost every WordPress user.

So,we will discuss these types of 10 plugins available that you should need to have in your site in this year of 2019.

before you start this article make sure you know how to start a blog and now a little bit about WordPress in this way it will be easy for you to understand.

So let’s start our countdown for the best plugins for WordPress

Yoast SEO

Well, this is one of my best WordPress plugin of all time it helps your site with SEO it also helps you with on-page SEO it has many features that make this plugin special.

it has more than 5 million downloads and the best part is it’s free yes you can get this plugin for 0 bucks it will help you boost your ranking.


And even tells you different tips while writing a post or page it also automatically generate Sitemap for your site and submit it to google search console.

This Plugin can be upgraded to the pro version but there are also many features in free version.using Yoast you can easily edit your snippet live without coding it automatically analyzes your site for error.

Yoast also tells you where to make internal and external links and also helps you with readability analysis, in short, it is packed with many features.

has no alternative it can easily take your blog to the next level and can help you very much in getting organic traffic.

recommended by most of the famous blogger’s like harsh Agarwal and Neilpatel.

Yoast-SEO-WordPress Plugins
Yoast-SEO-WordPress Plugins

Click here = Yoast SEO


WordPress is famous for its plugins that makes the work very much easier up to a great extent because there is no coding required for making an appealing page.

one of the plugins that are basically built for this is Elementor it is one of the best plugins available out there and the best page builder.

it has many amazing features like it has many elements in its pack that can help you in adding different types of widget’s to your site while customizing it.

you can also add animation to the text of your page that attracts the user’s to your site. You can also change the background of the page and can easily add images where ever you want.

it gives a professional look to your site and it is very easy to use and there are many tutorials available that you can use to learn how to use elementor.

you should be thinking while this plugin has so many feature’s is it free to keep your breath and the answer is …….. “Yes”.

it is totally free but you can also upgrade to a pro version where you can get more elements and templates.

OH…i forgot to tell you there are many free templates in this plugin that you can use to directly make a page. if you don’t know how to make and then you can edit the page by just clicking on the text or block you want to edit.

Click Here = Elementor Plugin

Succuri WordPress Security

Website security is one of the most important elements in the success of a website because as the technology is getting advanced the security problems are also increasing day by day.


if you are a blogger or a website owner your site means all to you and its security is an important fundamental but how would it like to be when all of your hard words are ruined by someone else.

i also have faced that types of problem’s in my beginning all of us have the same problem it’s not me and you it’s everyone but here’s the question how to make your website secure.

first, buy an SSL certificate for your site and then add Succuri plugin to your WordPress site. it has a very high-security algorithm that can make your site safe from hacker’s and also check for viruses and malware scan in your site’s file.

it can also save your site from brute force login and help your site and prevent hacker’s hacking. it’s a free plugin but I will suggust you to upgrade to pro level for the security of your hard work.


Want to grow your traffic easily and Peace of mind and creating regular customer’s and the user’s then this is the best plugin for you that can help you a lot.


Optin monster is an email marketing plugin that can easily handle the contact list for you it automatically sends the latest post to the person subscribed to your newsletter.

it helps you to make a community of user’s that can help you rank your site.

because if your users will come back to your site, again and again, this will give Google a signal that the site contains good content.

that is why the user’s are returning again and again to the site.


if you don’t know how to write English mistake free then even you don’t have to do so because Grammarly will do it for you.

How it Works

it automatically shows the red line on the incorrect word and you can easily choose the appropriate word. and it is available in free feature and you can also upgrade to pro-version for detection of critical mistakes.

it is the best plugin for bloggers and content writer’s it make’s your text stunning, attractive and also makes your text easy for the reader’s to read.

and you will see a positive impact on your site stats.

Monster insights

if you want to know the progress of your blog/site then you must be using Monster is a powerful tool for the analysis of your site statistics for free it is used by all site available on the internet.


it helps to connect your google analytics account to your WordPress website and in this way you can easily track your site’s performance.

and it is developed by Syed Balkhai from wpbegineer and it is one of the most helpful tools you can get in free it also has a pro version that you can use to more case-study your site.

This also helps your site with tracking issue and it has a very positive review from people on WordPress.

Insert Header and Footer

if you don’t know anything about coding and are planning to open a blog on WordPress then this plugin can help you in doing so.


you can just add the code of different sources into your site without opening your theme. you just have to open the plugin add the header code in the header box and the footer code into footer box.

so this plugin helps you save a lot of time and you can do your work without any hard work of finding the code in themes.

WP Forms

this WordPress plugin is very useful it helps you create awesome sign-up, contact us, newsletter pages without any coding.

you just have to drag and drop the fields and your work is ready it is a free plugin but I will recommend you to upgrade for better result and more feature’s.


Today we have discussed the best WordPress plugins you should use to excel your performance in WordPress these plugins can help you a lot with your work.

WordPress is known for its ease of use due to its a vast variety of plugin’s these plugins makes your work easier than before.

but you should use only that plugin’s that have more than 4-star rating to avoid any spam these are our best plugins list that we have trust on.

we have used all of them and we can easily say that these are the best plugin’s for any kind of site whether your site of E-commerce or it is a blog etc.

If you have any question you can comment below we will be happy to hear from you.

Thanks For Reading

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