Types Of Freelance Marketplace For Service As Freelancer.

Types Of Freelance Marketplace For Service As Freelancer.

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Freelancing importance

As we all now that we are entering into a modern Era. Where everything depends on Technology and Machines. And due to this modern Era, new Applications of Technology are out day by day in our world. And one of the biggest inventions of all time is Computer which has changed the whole World by its remarkable performance.

Due to the Computer, many new things are getting born daily. Peoples love to spend the whole time in front of the screens. Because of this, some developer thought to make online jobs for peoples and they come with an idea and named it as Freelance. Freelancers are those peoples who work in Freelance Marketplaces.

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There are many Marketplace where you can give your services as a Freelancer and in the result of that Clients rents you due to your service. Freelancers have many advantages due to which it is getting popular and peoples are leaving their regular jobs. Freelancers are Boss of their own. They do need to get early in the morning and go office.

The freelance Marketplace has many categories on which a freelancer can provide his/her service and in regards, he earns money from his clients. Some of the most popular services are WordPress, Graphic Designing, Content Writing and Many More. So in this list, we are going to see some of the most popular Freelance Market-Places.


1) Upwork.com: Freelance Marketplace

Yes, it is true that Upwork is in the first place for the freelancers. Upwork is a “Traditional Marketplace” Where people write there profile and set portfolio for service. And then find a job which best describes its service and then sends proposals for the confirmation.

In Upwork Freelancer earn money even by setting hourly-rates(Per Hour Income) or even set a full price of a task. Freelancer on Upwork earn lots of money every year. Upwork is available in both free and paid version. We recommended you to use free as a beginner and after getting some clients you can upgrade it.

Upwork was developed after the 18 months in the early 1990s of Elance and O-Desk. There are many Service Categories which are very popular on Upwork and some of them are given below.

  • WordPress Designing/Managing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Content/Article Writing
  • Admin Support/Customer Service
  • Marketing Management
  • SEO
  • Video/Photo Editing
  • CAD
  • Software Development

Upwork has 12 Million Registered Freelancers and 5 Million Registered Clients. At least 3 Million Jobs are posted Each year. And it is Worth of more than 1 Billion US$, which makes it the largest Platform for the Freelancers and even Clients.

Guru Homepage

2) Guru.com: Freelance Marketplace

Guru.com is known to be one of the oldest freelancing websites in the World. And Guru is the same as Upwork in some features. In Guru Client can find a Guru to accomplish his task and also he can post a required job needed to be done by any Freelancer. Guru is on the second place in Freelance Marketplace.

A Guru is a “Traditional Marketplace” who had paid $250,000,000 to the Guru/Freelancer. Guru also let us find the guru with categories or services. Like other marketplaces, Guru also has many famous skills in demand like WordPress, Graphic designing and Content writing, etc. Guru is the best marketplace for clients to because in this platform they can get much information about the freelancer which helps the client to understand his work.

All Guru Freelancers have completed 1,000,000 jobs and has 3,000,000 registered members on this platform. freelancers earn money by per hour rate or simply total income of the job. Even monthly or weekly income can be made for large products.

It also contains categories which make it easier for clients to find there work. Some of the most In-Demand skills on Guru are:

  • Programmer And Developers
  • Designers And Artists
  • Writing And Translators
  • Sale’s And Marketing Guru’s
  • Admins And Secretaries
  • Engineers And Architects
  • Business And Finance Guru’s
  • Lawyers
  • CAD Guru’s
  • Mobile Applications

freelacers-freelancer marketplace

3) Freelancer.com: Freelance Marketplace

Freelancer.com is very popular freelancing websites. And Freelancer is on the second place in Freelance Marketplace. In Freelancer, the Client can find a freelancer to accomplish his task and also he can post a required job needed to be done by any Freelancer. Freelancer is the same as Upwork and Guru.

A Freelancer is also a “Traditional Marketplace” who had paid Millions of dollars to the Freelancer. Freelancer also let us find the Freelancer with categories or services. Like other marketplaces, Freelancer also has many famous skills in demand like WordPress, Graphic designing and Content writing, etc. Freelancer has a feature which let the peoples select “I want to hire” and “I want to Work”.

Freelancer.com office is located in Australia, Sydney. And it was founded by Matt Barrie in 2009. It has 470 Employes (In March 2016). And it has more than 21,000,000 users registered both as Freelancers and Clients. Freelancer has a network of 247 Countries worldwide.

It has listed all of their work in the categories so that clients can find there required need easily. Some of the most In-Demand skills on Guru are:

  • Website Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Internet Marketing
  • App Development
  • PHP
  • Article Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Software Architecture
  • SEO
  • Translation

4) Fiverr.com: Freelance Marketplace

Fiverr.com is one of those websites which gain popularity in a very short time of Period. Fiverr has thought a new idea for Freelancer as well as Clients. This idea made Fiverr one of the most popular Freelance marketplaces on the whole internet. The Fiverr is a first “Non-Traditional marketplace”

The Fiverr has changed the idea of “per hour income” or “net income” to making Gigs. Yes, Gigs is a new idea which has changed the world. As we know in Upwork, People per hour or Guru freelancers has to find a job which is posted by a Client. But in Fiverr Freelancers make a Gig and write all the information about them and their service.

The Client comes on Fiverr search its required categories and then he finds his best matching freelancer with the whom he finds best for work. The main new feature in Fiverr is that Freelancer can give extra service like fast delivery, Extra product, etc by getting extra income from the client. This feature has helped the freelancer more to earn.

In Fiverr freelancer starts his Gig from 5$, 10$, 15$ to 995$. In our opinion Fiverr is the best Marketplace to start Your Freelance career. Or for Clients too. Fiverr has gained his whole popularity from Asians and Some of the European States.

The Fiverr was developed in 2010 and its Headquarter is located in the city of Israel, Tel Aviv. And Fiverr recorded that in 2012, 2 Million Gigs were posted by Freelancers. Fiverr has more than seven hundred categories from where you can choose your service.

Popular categories on Fiverr are Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Writing And Translations, Video Animation, etc. following are some of the 50 services you can provide on Fiverr.

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card
  • Illustration
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Postcard Design
  • Menu Design
  • Car Wraps
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Local Listing
  • Surveys
  • Domain Research
  • SEM
  • Articles & Blog Post
  • Script Writing (NEW)
  • Website Content
  • Translation
  • Product Description

  • WhiteBoard And Animation Explainers
  • Into & Outros
  • Logo Animation
  • Short Video Ads
  • Video Editing
  • Product Photography
  • Visual Effects
  • Video Editing
  • Lyrics & Music Videos
  • Animation Kids
  • WordPress
  • Web Programming
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobiles Apps & Webs
  • Website Builder & CMS
  • Desktop Applications
  • Convert Files
  • Support & IT
  • ChatBots
  • DataBases
  • Online Lessons
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Relationship Advice
  • Astrology & Readings
  • Spiritual Healing

5) Conclusion

So these are the best freelancing markets where freelancers can showcase their talent and can generate handsome revenue.

freelancing is one of the most legit ways to earn online and it is also very helpful to you because you can easily turn you ability into your revenue.

You can also hire freelancers for your personal work and they will do your work for some bucks and your work will be done more efficiently and neatly.

without any mistakes and if you don’t like the work you can give them back for reviewing it again.

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