WordPress Vs Blogger? Which Is Better

WordPress Vs Blogger? Which Is Better

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Because everyone is in search of passive income and many people do this mistake. That they enter into the blogging field and after a few days or weeks they left away.

Blogging is not for everyone it is because it is for everyone who wants to share something new unique and to spread what they have learned or have.

There are many platforms of blogging but it is impossible to discuss all of them right here and honestly taking even I don’t have much knowledge about every blogging platform ya I know a little bit about Joomla, Drupal, etc but not that much.

Coming back to our main topic. We will be discussing the two major and best blogging platform out there that are Blogger and WordPress.

Well before going in depth we will share a little bit about WordPress and Blogger so if we have a newbie reading this article can have some idea about what we are taking so let’s start.


Blogger is a free blogging platform backed by Google. Well Everyone Know Google is a tech giant so due to This blogger have got much trust from its user’s. It has a very simple way to use that is why it is easy for beginners.

It was created back in 2003 which also makes it one of the oldest blogging platform. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of blogspot.com.


WordPress is an online CMS (content management system) Based on PHP and MySQL.It is also one of the most used blogging platforms and it is estimated that 33% of the World Site’s are built with WordPress.

It is a little bit advanced platform and if you are a beginner then it might be difficult for you but it is very easy to learn. it was established in 2004 by WordPress foundation.

So know we have discussed a little bit about both blogging system background now it’s time to share their Pros and cons with you so make sure you read the whole article to get more interesting information about these blogging platform.


Easy to Use

Both blogging and WordPress are the most used blogging platform but both are totally different from each other both have some distinctive feature’s.

Blogger has a very simple interface and it is best for beginners it is very easy to use Writing a post in blogger is very easy you don’t have to do technical work to setup and maintain a blog in blogger.

WordPress is a little bit of technical program to use you need to have a little bit of knowledge regarding WordPress.

So the conclusion is that blogger is easy to use for beginners and to use WordPress you need to have a little experience.

Content Rights

When you use blogger all of your content is hosted by google for free but in WordPress you will have to purchase web-hosting where you can host your content easily.

Well when you use blogger your content can be deleted by google due to some reasons or they can delete your blogger account so in this way when you use blogger you don’t have full rights to your content.

While in WordPress you have full access to your content and property your account will never be deleted until you pay your hosting fee.

So you can see the difference b/w blogger and WordPress that which one gives you more flexibility and rights to your content.


Well blogger is easy to use but it lacks feature’s quality.It means that you can’t totally customize your site according to your wishes,well there are some options still available that you can use to customize it.

But in WordPress you get many feature’s to make your site look like a Pro well Yes its true believe me WordPress is a platform where you can easily make you site just like you want it by just drag and drop using plugins like elementor.


Well you must be thinking that are these blogging platforms are for free are paid.So here is your answer well both of these platforms are not for free feeling sad don’t worry.

Blogger is a free platform but to use WordPress you need to buy hosting and then you can install WordPress but you can also use free hosting but before using free hosting we recommend you to read this article.

Free Web hosting Vs Paid Web Hosting | Which Is Better |

So WordPress comes with extra feature but you also have to spend some money from your pocket to use the service.


Now this paragraph will clear all of your doubt regarding which platform to use so just start well the first question is how much experience do you have well if you are new in this field then blogger is the best option for you.

but if you have a little bit of knowledge about blogger and blogging and want to make carrer in this field then i will recommend you to move to WordPress.

Because if you don’t have any idea what blogging is then you can’t use both the blogging platforms we are not saying that you can’t use them but we are telling that what platform is easy to learn.

Blogger has very simple options so you can easily understand what to do but WordPress is a little bit technical and it is due to vast amount of options available in it.


So here we are at the conclusion we have gone through a comprehensive topic about WordPress and blogger and which platform is better for you to use or start.

Well we have discussed what are the factors that matter while choosing the the platform to start blogging while summarizing the whole article i will say that blogger is a free platform and best for beginners.

While WordPress is a Paid Platform with huge features. you can do whatever you want to do with your site

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